When looking for financially comprehensible solutions in underwater robotic systems, you get individual offers from us. Our modular ROV-design makes it possible for you to execute demanding high-quality tasks in underwater research, underwater archaeology and professional filming and photography underwater as well as in the offshore area.

You do not purchase an average, unchangeable complete system. Thanks to their economical and handy modular plug-system, our ROVs are easily expandable and variable. In addition, our small ROVs are well to handle without previous knowledge.

Thomas Brandt (rov design) was technical developer and constructer at the GEOMAR Helmholtz-Centre for Ocean research in Kiel, Germany, and inventor of the ROMP (Remotely Operated Measurement Platform) that was awarded at the Ideenwettbewerb Schleswig-Holstein 2012 and presented at the Oceanology International 2012 and 2014 in London.

actually! thomas brandt got special price 'underwater divingsystems for disabled people' from seed- and startup fond2 schleswig-holstein 2018


if you are interested in technic, prices or special definition of task. we are gladley answer every question!